Good vs Evil

Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

I watch with great amusement the changes that occur around the land. You good people are too stupid to even realise that the more you try and fight us, the more you become like us. You cannot win.

Evil is not a side, or a team. Evil is a state of mind, and a reflection of your soul. Every one of you has an evil side. The more you fight back, the stronger it grows. Soon all that will remain is a pocket of those that have the strength of will not to change. They shall be the food of evil. We shall grow stronger...

I will also point out that there is a difference between psychotic behaviour and one who gains pleasure out of killing and furthering their cause. Those of you who have ever been unfortunate enough to be the focus of any of my attentions will be well aware that I never act without SOME form of provocation.