Enemy of Thakria

Dankworth, forest dreamerto Everyone

I have been made an enemy of Thakria - this greatly impedes me in my work as an Animist.

If this was because I showed anger that Jacinta slew a very junior member of my guild I would point out that, having investigated the matter, I apologised to Jacinta for my intemperate comments. Whilst I would not, of course, condone any killing for any reason, Jactina certainly had reason to be angered at what was, in my opinion, an ill-judged use of a guild skill.

I am no threat to Thakria and frequently help its citizens. I fear Shaitan for he goes out of his way to kill me. If the enemies system is to be used to exclude the peaceful about their peaceful business then there is something cureiously weak about the City of Miracles. I many be 'scum' but surely all those crack troops have something better to do than skewering me.

Dankworth, Healer