Good and Evil

You're right. 2 years ago when I first arrived in the land it was completely different to what it is now. There were not people falling left right and centre as there is now, and the essence of the land was not just a good vs. evil battle, which is what life has degerated to in these modern times. I once remember the times when parties of adventurers used to go on small quests for nothing more than pleasure. I remember when I had to take a test in order to enter my guild, and I remember when I used to think that someone with nothing more than a respected skill was hard, as in those times you could not gain lessons when you were sleeping - being the Ultimate in just one skill was considered a great achievement. When I first arrived, there were flocks of people wishing ``` to help me and take me on my accolades - belit did I choose.

Memories, oh, what memories....... Belvadere, loyal Enchanter and Parrian.