Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

While, of course, I welcome Tragnarion to Thakria, I must agree with Fiorella. If you have built up a character and a role in the game, why throw away all the respect and position you have earned by changing sides?

It seems to me that 'good' and 'evil' in Avalon seem all too often to be merely opposing teams, with no real differences in tactics or outlook. The 'good' people are all too happy to go on murdering sprees in Thakria, and they justify it by saying that Thakrians are evil and therefore it is alright to slaughter them. Think about it, that is like saying that the police have every right to go into a prison and kill all the murderers.

I think it is time that the good people started acting in a slightly more 'good' manner, and that the evil people ceased all this psychopathic behaviour and became a bit more insidious. Evil is not about murdering people. It is about gaining the upper hand by guile and treachery.

I hate to harp on about the old days, but in the old days when Trekker, Angmar and Helkarakse walked Avalon, nobody in their right mind would attack them, and they did not attack people either. It was enough that they were untouchable.