(This message is in itself out of role, but posted in the hope of furthering role-playing...)

Have you ever given a minute's thought to the character you are supposed to be playing? You were supposed to be a Prince, the leader of a mighty city, the commander of vast armies, and a mighty fighter in your own right. Such a position could be gained only by singleness of purpose, an iron will, with no hint of vacillation. When such a man changes sides, to join his former enemy, the earth trembles, the stars fall from the skies. It is such an affront to man's natural sense of order, that it will be talked of as a disaster for generations to come - or so it SHOULD be, had you conveyed the deep despair, bitterness and soul-searching that must accompany such a drastic change of course.

Instead, your announcement has all the banality of a footballer announcing that he has transferred to another club!