Long Night

Priton the curiousto Mephisto, god of the night

No, it is still not clear.

I believe that Maeve's comment was wondering if the earlier posts about the long night implied (as they seemed to) that the 'secure place' was actually secure from all except divine meddling. Such a location would certainly be secure, but (if used by either side in this struggle over the long night) seems rather unfair. So, to make things 'clear' you need to reassure us that mortals could get the items from their secure place without any of the following events: 1) divine aide 2) a bug or combination of powers later rules to be a bug 3) a defection in the ranks of those holding the items.

Now for a metaphysical side note. I'm sure I'll get lots of cant from many of the 'evil' beings. But I'm still curious. Why is there no Long Day? The natural order seems to be light followed by dark alternately. Darkness can change that. Why cannot Apollo and his followers assert themselves in the same way? At the same time, why are there (seemingly) no other actions that chance the state of the natural order in favour of other gods?