Priton the curiousto Cephelo, Warrior-Seer

Ok, you seem to be a relatively new convert to 'evil' so I'll ask you. What do you mean by 'evil'? The definition current in this land seems to be 'I get to do whatever I wish'. Maybe it's a good definition of 'evil'. It doesn't seem to allow for all shades of 'evil', but and I might be tempted simply to call it 'narcasistic', but who am I to judge?

The more important question is what do you want the 'good' (non-'evil') players to act like? You critisize Tragnarion for saying he will kill person wishes to remain under protection. It sounds like what you want is for the 'good' people to wiggle a bit to convince you you're actualy playing with someone else and then quickly die before your arm gets tired.

Priton, who's still curious but getting more and more bored things.