Direct Modem Connection - Important

Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

For those of you who connect using the direct dialling 'Connect' accounts, please take careful note.

You should now be able to connect by simply typing ibmpcav at the first prompt, no password, just hit return, you will connect directly to Avalon.

If you dial a London number to connect, please observe the following: Videotron subscribers ONLY should use the 0181 723 7300 number for the benefit of cheaper calls. If you are NOT a Videotron subscriber you will gain no benefit by using that number and instead should dial one of the following: 0181 863 6646 - 0171 537 9757 - 0171 572 1400.

Thanks for your co-operation in this matter. Some people have reported problems with these numbers over the last few days, hopefully this was only caused by the change over to the ibmpcav logon. However, if problems persist, MSG me here (if you have access by other means) or ring 0171 813 3312 or 0114 268 5440 giving as much detail about the problem as possible. Occasionally you may connect and find that what you type is not