Sir Haplo

Captain Yousuf, Knight of the Sunto Everyone

Will everybody please note that whilst Sir Haplo does indeed bear the name Knight of Fate he is in fact the GM of the Warriors Guild! The Knights of Mercinae are an honourable Guild and indeed we would uphold the traditions of a Joust..... However, as you will be well aware Merlin - not just anybody can pick up armour and join a tourney That priviledge is reserved for Knights, Warriors and Cavaliers.

A note to Sir Haplo - as this confusion that I have mentioned over your name is becoming an issue with more than just new members of my guild would you please give great thought to changing it! Heavens forbid that we see this become a trend I would hate to have to deal with Shaitan the Animist or Mage Lord Eshkadeth! Also Sir Haplo as a follower of Apollo I am pleased to see that you give more credence to Light than to Fate in your signature!

Yousuf, For Apollo, the Knights and Mercinae