Animist defences

Dankworthto Shaitan, the Antichrist

The point is not that the Animists skills permit you to evade death indefinitely provided that you concentrate on staying in woodland and constantly refreshing them. The point _is_ that it is not possible to do this and do anything else besides - i. e. role play, quest, politic - all the things that potentially make this game far more than any other MUD. Whenever an Animist starts to move in and out of the forest and around Avalon his defences rapidly die and he is open season for any determined attacker. In my experience you and only you are that attacker - many others try but most give up after a reasonable chase. As a result, if it were not for protection, I could not function in this land at all.

Dankworth, who hopes Shaitan will find being alone in Avalon fun