Aslan of the Illuminatito Everyone

Aslan will not be intimidated by those of an evil inclination. I am of course aware that many of you are stronger than me, and I respect that however that does not mean that I will bow to your every whim (or many of them at all in fact).

I think its rather sad that those who are unable to defend themselves (through incompetance rather than lack of skills) have to ask the likes of Shaitan and Macros to get revenge for them. Again I bring up the apparently alien notions of honour and pride.

Thakrians steal from me and i will steal from them. For Macros to demand that i return all that ive stolen is pathetic. It is akin to me asking Calladan to retrieve items stolen from me. I however accept that items stolen from me are lost for good. I have the good grace not to go whining to my betters. There are a lot of people out there who have a lot to learn about pride and (that ever contentious issue) honour.

I have a good deal of respect for some of the powerful Thakrians though obviously i abhor their way of life, but some of the weaker Thakrians are no more than spoilt children who run to there elders every time they come across some minor setback. Perhaps time for them to grow up?