Honour and Evil

Shaitan, the Antichristto Aslan of the Illuminati

That's correct, they are not mutually exclusive. However, the only possible honour can be between fellow evil people. This honour has absolutely nothing to do with our enemies however. I suppose look at it in this light, I have a lot of honour of this type, as I absolutely refuse to harm a fellow Thakrian nor will I allow it. From your point of view though, this makes no difference as your kind of honour digusts me. You are to be taken advantage and no mercy or compassion should ever be shown (though that is just the ideal, even I fall short on the compassion part now and then).

Incidentally, I too, have heard of this mythical earth, and I have heard of a great and powerful leader, respected by all those that mattered, that began a campaign of ethnic cleansing about 45 years ago. I can only hope to emulate his example.