Elfish, the Elf-Earedto Genesis, the god of time

Cheers for fixing up what you refered to in your last BB, Personally, I only use protection to get myself up to scratch, then get on with things as per normal, After all, once you are patched up, regained what you lost from dying you may as well get on with things. Not to say Fio is wrong for moaning, for we all dearly love to moan, but it`s right to restrict movement, so you have the choice, for fast movement, and unrestricted use of skills, and having to protect yourself from constant onslaught or die<my fav option>, or to sulk about under protection and have a wander.

After all, when you type protected and see how many people choose to hide under protection and deny Shaitan his little pleasures, doesn`t it make your heart bleed?