Who Cares

Kirok, the Destinedto Jharrik, the Devils Henchman

It never ceases to amaze me how clueless the majority of the hormone imparired Thakrians are.

The point IS slaggin, my dear dolt. As far as saying I dont care if I de die, that is not what I am trying to say. (and if I did, shock!, apologies). As any mortal can attest, dying stinks. However, when faced with the longs odds as currently presented me via Shaitan, and others to be fair, it is only self indulgence to think to beat such skills on the battlefield. However, I do, and demoand that I do, reserve the right to speak my mind. The mortal body can be compelled and killed, but the immortal spirit shall not.

Besides, it is such fun to cause such kneejerk reactions. Those of us cuurently suffering from an onslought of combat-happy prepbescents welcome a chance to laugh... that is all...

So... dear pathetic Thakrian... giggle... snort... chortle... laugh

Get it yet? Mayhaps I should draw a picture and send it in a lt letter (assuming there is someone in Thakria that reads...

Kirok, the Amused