Acts forbidden while protected

So, rather than protected Bards regaining their ability to heal, Animists are to lose theirs, it seems. In fact, you say that any act that could conceivably be used to aid an aggressive act is to be forbidden.

Well, giving weapons or poisons to a fighter could certainly aid aggression, so GIVE will have to be forbidden. The same also obviously goes for DROP and THROW. That rules out virtually all peaceful quests for a start. Freedom of movement can clearly affect a fight, so opening or closing doors will have to be forbidden, let alone LOCK and UNLOCK. Knowledge of people's locations can be useful in a fight, so all forms of LOCATE will have to go. But you might still know where people are if you happen to hear or see them, so you will have to be blinded and deafened as well...

If your principle is to be applied consistently, there seems little left for protected players to do but go on the BB to post messages. Since the BB is safe anyway, might it not be simpler just to abolish the concept of protection altogether?