Shaitan, the Antichristto Apollo, the god of light

I am completely without honour in my treatment of non-thakrians. Stealing from them can not be regarded as stealing anymore than taking apples from a tree is regarded as stealing. The parallels are obvious. Neither are truly sentient and neither have any rights. I used the word stealing only for lack of a better word. I truly fail to understand what your problem with this is, even if you don't accept that non-thakrians are not worthy of respect and human rights. I have never once claimed to have any honour as it is a ridiculous concept reserved only for the weak and pathetic. I will publicly blast any sorcerer I find acting with honour and I do not expect my fellow barons and citizens to act with this \"honour\" either.

Also, i'm curious how I used my powers as a baron to steal? I am using my powers as a sorcerer to hurt people, which is what they are intended for. Apparently stealing items from people hurts them more than killing them, judging by the amount of complaining I generally receive after swiping stuff. If you mean that I have misused my powers by assigning myself a shop, well, I'm sorry you believe that. It is well within my legitimate rights as a baron to assign shops to any that will fill them up and I do not care what they fill them up with as long as they don't directly compete with the Thakrian stalls. So, in my role as baron I assigned myself a shop and in my role as sorcerer I have stolen to fill it up. Nevertheless, I also frequently steal for the benefit of Thakria. point amulet9535 You are not our city Patron Apollo and it is not for you to dictate to me how Thakria will be run. We will use the most deplorable methods possible and we will be proud of them.

Just as an aside, I find it amusing that your own high priest has, on two occassions, threatened to steal all my items (though since he apparently won't leave his high priest chambers when I'm logged on, I was less than horrified by his thr ats.