Once again, you suck.

Shaitan, the Antichristto Everyone

The Long Night is up yet again. God you members of the order of the sun and moon are pathetic. Third time in two months and not at all for at least 6 months before that. First, I put it up by myself twice. This time I had the help of Thavar (whom I thank most heartily) and Rhann getting the items. Thanks also to neuromancer and macros who were standing by (with thavar) to defend pangyron from the losers. What was really funny was watching polgara and perrin die to the black sun as they futily threw away their lives trying to kill it. Truly, I find myself amazed at the absolute incompetence displayed on teh side of the Order of the Sun and Moon. I have not even bothered to search for the items to put it back up. Feel free. Putting the Long Night up three times in such a short period is proof enough of dominance for us.