Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Many of you will know that Avalon has been situated in London for the past five years. The time has come for us to move. We are setting up Avalon in the United States, starting July 1st 1995. Prices for connections to the internet in America are so much cheaper that we will be able to get a much faster link (T1, for those who are familiar with the terms, instead of the 64kb we have presently). When Avalon is very busy, the speed of our link becomes prohibitive. Buying a T1 in the U. K. is simply beyond our finances, whereas in America, it is affordable.

What difference will that make, I hear you ask? All of the accounts the ex-modemers use (via IBMPCUG) will continue to work, they will simply route through to the U. S. A. rather than to London. It should make no difference at all, nor will it cost any more. We will continue to run those accounts indefinitely, though we would urge people to purchase their own (7.50 per month) if they can...