Bullies in the school playground

Golinto Everyone

Hello everyone, When I was young and growing up in Mercinae I used to meet a lot of bullies. They were always the ones that picked on people that quite frankly were not their match. Of course they could beat them up but it didn't prove anything and nobody was impressed. Well now I'm a little bit older and a little bit wiser and I thought such childish cowardly behaviour was a thing of the past but it would appear we can still be bullied even now.

I will be the first to admit that I am an easy target, I'm young, inexperienced and still learning. There I was trying my utmost to bash a couple of river bandits single-handedly when in rushed Zara and all hell breaks loose and I am killed by things of which I have no comprehension. My body was stolen ! Now what does that prove ? I can be easily killed - well we knew that already ! Zara is a cowardly bully who is too scared to steal the bodies of people who might actually be able to do he harm - Maybe. Well If it takes two river bandits, two demons ( Oh yes I forgot to mention them ) and a cowardly bully to kill