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Excuse me, Madame, but what the hell are you talking about?

You mean to say that Thakrians have _never_ received any guidance or assistance from their gods? Hmm. Let me ask Fenrir's \"owner\" if this is so. And as for being \". strong enough alone to defeat both Mercinae and Parrius,\" my dear gal.

Don't make me snicker at you. Talk is cheap. If Parrius is in disarray, then why couldn't Thakria conquer it when it was flat broke? And if the Mercinae barons aren't around, then why don't you march over here and try to take it?

Another example, kids, of a Thakrian who can't seem to get it straight, so let's review: THINK first. TALK second.

With all due respect,

Balthus Goldeneye, Ranger