Farms & Mines etc

Conteck, Master of the Animiststo Everyone

I agree like the idea posted about allowing players to develop businesses.

However, I suspect the idea would beffail because in this land there are too many thieves - and I don mean this in the generaic sense not the guild.

Too many people play Avalon just to fight - and as a pacifist who gets killed mon a regular basis - - I have just lost interest in the whole thing.,

I am interested in the merchantile side of Avalon - I enjoyed being a Baron. However, I was viewed as a poor baron not just because I lost 25K of city money, but becasue I do not ahave the combat skills to enforce my will or city policy.

I also found that running a shop without divine protection was hopeless. It w's stock was robbed so often I gave up. I see no way that player owned businesses can survive without a rebalancing of the game to mstop crime paying becasue at the moment , in Avalon, it does.

I do not expect this to happen - and I suthis is one reason why I am not playing as much as I used to.

Conteck, who is not intrested in combat.