Shaitan, etc.

Ranger Balthus Goldeneyeto Dankworth, the Shriven

I'd hate to see a player who joined for the same reasons I did get chased off by an overzealous guy like Shaitan. I, for one, think Shai is great at the role he plays, and I would miss his annoying presence if he left. That said, I don't think that he or anyone has a right to impose their idea of what the game should be on someone else. Not everyone shares Shaitan's combat intensive worldview, so if someone declares they don't wish to follow that path, th n leave off, or find some other, more intelligent way to annoy them. Steal their items, barricade them in a location, ruin their credibility... use subterfuge and thought. It takes longer, but so what? Slaying must get boring after a while for everyone involved. Respect for other player's ideas of Avalon wo ld go a long way toward making Avalon more fun for everyone, and might just add to that \"atmosphere\" that some of us would like to have as well.