Dankworth, the Shrivento Everyone

I wish to ackowledge publicly that I believe Shaitan to be a masterful fighter. Even with all defences up he will kill me, so I don't even bother with them. Still be will bother to teleport into my Guild and slay me. My choice ... either to remain for ever under protection or to operate forever at 80 health ... in neither way can I make much of a contribution to this land. I starting playing Avalon because I admired the creative depth and vision of the world built by Genesis. I hoped for the opportunity for mystery and exploration, for friendship and discovery. And for a time I found it. Now the game is going something like this : Log On. Dance up 14 + rituals. Get killed anyway. As far as I can see the game is down to nothing more than having a memory for which of 200 odd defences will work against any particular attack and being able to furiously bash the keys in the right order. A curiiusly monotonous way of behaving. I would like to continue to play a thoughtcu err thoughful scholar who avoids combat and

seeks to follow his patron. The combat seems pointless. If that is all people want in this game, then I'd better leave.