Your rubbish

I strongly suggest we cease this line of argument. Your last message was a cop-out and side-stepped almost every issue I brought to light. I am not about to start a row where you ignore what I have to say, and I ignore what you say.

As for bowing and scraping to The Diabolus. Orthwein. Again I suggest you drop that particular line or I will be forced to mention reason I burst out laughing when I looked at your friends list. A reason that most of 'the people who know what is going on' already know anyway.

As for incompetence, I got where I am today by skill. Not by guile. So again you would be most wise to drop it.

No matter what your reply to this is, I am going to ignore it. When I return in six weeks I shall continue to persecute citizens of Mercinae and Parrius as before.