My dear chap

Who rattled your cage, Orthwein. I see I have found a sensitive spot. I will make a point of rubbing salt in it more often.

I am not scared of you, your pathetic little threats or what you can do.

Perhaps you think harming my followers is a good way to get at me. I think you forget, Orthwein, that I do not see myself as the 'romantic-prize' for whichever follower panders to my ego most, that is your role.

My followers die and suffer for me, and get rewarded in ways you will never comprehend in furthering the cause of darkness and evil. In real terms I only have to inflict on your followers a fraction of what you would have to inflict on mine to cause the same suffering. Unfortunately for them I intend to inflict at least ten times on them whatever you may foolishly choose to do to my followers.

You are a joke Orthwein. Your realm is a joke. Go back to your ladies of Fate. They may appreciate you, and I know how desperate you are.