Your apologies

Priton the curiousto Cardodius, The Goblin Minstrel

I wouldn't presume to speak for Orthwein Cardodius, but I thought I'ld comment anyway.

I seem to recall that the reason you gave for robbing Parrius was that to be readmitted to the city you had to apologize? I know you feel that you were wronged in being thrown out of the city briefly. But I was under the impression that you had considered having to appologize to be the real insult.

In any case, you did apologize, but insincerly (by your own admissions) intending to use it as a means to (re) gain the ability to punish the city. So why should anyone believe your appology now? Trying to put your past actions aside because their consequences have proven less pleasant than you hoped seems optomistic of you.