Me, Orthwein, Punishment

Cardodius, The Goblin Minstrelto Everyone

You all know, what I did, betrayal of trust, loss of friends etc. Most of you probably also know of what punishments I have been living with. I have no wish to carry the wrath of a god apon me any longer, for it weighs me down very low.

I hereby offer what apologies I can to Orthwein, for he is, as all the gods are, All mighty and powerfull.

To parrius I offer no apologies, as only idiots unworthy of my apologies live there. I fully expect the mortals of parrius to try to make my life miserable, but nobody can survive against the wrath of a god. I doubt I will ever be forgiven by Orthwein, so I only ask for him to leave me be, as I now must start over, collecting possesions and rising in level to use some of my skills.

This matter needs go no further, unless Orthwein see's fit.