Lobo and Morcon

Purdita, the little artisanto Everyone

After hearing the stories of Polgara and her husband (?) and hearing how happy couples can be in Avalon, I announced my love for Lobo. Oh my god what a fool I was. I have heard nothing of him for about two weeks, yet I do hear from Morcon. A young man who I now know very well.

Anyway... I am hearby denouncing any link between Lobo and myself and announcing the growth of love between Morcon and myself. This is not a l that has just happened because we had nothing better to do (like Lobo) but a love that has grown.

I hope you will all find the happiness that I have, not only in love, but in Avalon too.

Forever Parrian, forever Artisan, forever Morcon's

Purdita, the Little Artisan.

P. S. I still love you Orthwein... and not I'm not the S**G of Avalon.