Your Honour

If you truly wanted what was best for Mycenae, you would not begrudge the citizens themselves their choice of Barons. As it is, you are becoming the plaything of evil, and I can just visualise Darkness and his followed smiling smugly in the background. If you truly would turn against the very people you undertook to protect, then you would get what was coming to you, don't think yourself invincible, and don't put 'knight of the sun' after your name at the foot of a message like your last one, it looks like a joke - If you WOULD turn against Mycenae just because they want a new Baron, then it's a miracle you were ever voted in in the first place. If you think a Mage couldn't beat you, you're wrong, and even if you COULD beat the mage, you wont beat him if I, another baron, or any Mycenean with any self-respect has anything to do with it. As for your honour, it's a shambles, you threw it away in your first message.

Dalamar, Spiritmaster.