The Moose.

Mage Lord Tragnarionto Everyone

Today, I Tragnarion, have fed the long starving Moose. Ages ago, the moose was born the mightiest child of some other moose. Raised in a bedroom, it soon became dangerous for him to raom free. He was so moosy the of all people, noone dared to look at it. Many a straw was fed to him but he chewed them with ease.

Finaly, someone very wise made a infinitive grass supply out of a fish and a cat. It seemed very appetising and, the moose, thinking it was eadable, put it in his mouth on one condition. That he may eat it all. Only the moose was foolish enough to think so.

The legend said that the moose would remain eating until happiness and the doom of all evil was aproaching.

The moose later lost the fish and the cat. But that is another story.

Ps. Now you know how silly you sound, Shaitan. You fool.