First, i'd just like to point out that when i attacked you and killed you Macros was fighting with Sturm. The msgs of your and his ghost rising were pretty simultaneous so don't sya you were running away at the time. I also gave you fair warnign that i was going to attack you when i shouted it out. You did not mention you were on a direct modem or eternally disfavoured until after i had killed you, and Thavar was not there at the time. The only bit i can think you are referring to is when Macros, Isaac, Thavar and myself attacked a whole group of you. Aslan, Perrin, Sturm, Anlin, Nelgin were definately there, I think there was some others as well. Once you had informed me you were playiong by modem i called off attacks on your worthless carcass, including one planned by Thavar. With reference to your eternal disfavour, it is not for us to question the ways of Gods and it is so that I can't take that into account when attacking you.

Timotei, Voyant de la Nuit.