Your Misunderstanding...

I attacked you when you were running from Macros? Me and Timotei Traversed to you before Macros even came on the Scene, and my task was to attack you. I did. I didn't kill you afterwards because my Guildmaster asked me not to and I, through a moment of extreme insanity, remembered that you were once my friend.

Those are the facts. I am not complaining in any way about your attacking me with no defences up - that was my fault, and if you (or whoever wrote that BB, I can't remember who it was) understood that to be the object of my complaint, you were wrong. What I think was wrong was that, from the moment you first started attacking me, I kept on telling you that I had a lecture and had no time to fight. You killed me once, then again and took the body, making me ride the ship - which I had no time to do. How can you possibly claim that my message got there too late? I was telling you from the start!

You talk crap, and you will die for it.

Thavar, servant of Nostradamus