Nelginto Shaitan, the Antichrist

I think it's about time they shipped you off to the funny farm!

Is your larger than life ego to make up for your miserable real life existance?

Is there something mentally wrong with you, to go around Avalon killing anyone and everything in sight?

You're truly one sad individual for taking this thing too seriously.

A lot of people come on here to do puzzles and quests, to pit their mental ability against the mind of the creator. A lot of us are not fighters, I for one admit I am not a fighter, I am crap at fighting, I am not afraid to admit it.

Your actions are destroying my fun, I do not care about xp, or about becoming god - but solving problem and puzzles. Think on, before you destroy Avalon, and everyone who exists within it - including yourself. Nelgin - Always for Andromeda, the memory will live forever.