Barons et al.

That you are unhappy about people questioning you is understandable to say the least, but has it not occurred to you that others may think that someone else might make a better baron than you. If the Myceneans think so, you will be voted out, and I suggest that you bear no grudge against the Myceneans, but that you rather question existing barons, who may be doing little or nothing for Mycenae. It is my belief that although you do much in the way of protecting Mycenae and Myceneans from harm and from evil, another persons' views within the council would be of great benefit to Mycenae. By your own admission, you have been on the council for an extremely long time, and I'm sure that if you are voted out, and you question a baron whose worth is less than yours, you will return to the council equally quickly.

May I suggest that meanwhile you attempt to quash the rumours which are circulating about you. Oh, and try doing it by reason rather than by the sword - It'll make you that much more popular in any coming elections you may have to fight. Let it be known that I have challenged you upon hearing certain things about you, hopefully untrue, but who am I to know?

Dalamar, Spiritmaster.