Your impending Death

First, let me apologise for my stupidity yesterday. I let you live, after you complained to my Guildmaster that you were disfavoured by a god and that he had killed you too many times. I had a rub of you (with quite a lot on it) and it would have been childs play to kill you (hey, it still will be!). I let you live, because my Guildmaster asked me to.

I come on every morning I can, just to buy from the Thakrian stalls. I have lectures at 9:15 most mornings, so I am not on for long. You killed me (which must have been soooo hard with no defences up on my part), and stole all my gold (not a lot, but every little counts). The problem is, you are a naf fighter. It took you about a minute to kill me when I had no defences and no hotkeys! In addition, when I told you I had a lecture (which I am missing to write this), you killed me again and took my body, forcing me to ride the ship (which takes a long time).

You will die, by my hand - this I swear in the name of my great master, Nostradamus, almighty god of Darkness. You are without honour, and you do not deserve to live.

Thavar, the Dark Voodoo Master