Firstly I would just like to thank Cardodius for putting a smile on my face, indeed I wish I could have seen Orthweins and the assorted barons faces when they realised that they had just lost all of parrius' cash.

True to his word, I witnessed Orthwein slay Cardodius time after time tonight, I would expect to the level of newborn and to his eternal credit Cardodius did not quit he stayed on, without realising I suspect that Orthwein has made Cardodius the greatest Martyr in Avalonian history and in one single act has done more for Thakria than even the illustrious Snowlock in his hey day. Cardodius' name will live for ever in Thakrian folk lore and his name will be toasted when the forces of evil feast on the rotting corpes of the good and the legions of Thakrian sorcerers stand in occupation of all Avalon !

And believe me It may come tomorrow, even then it may not come for months but lets face it time (and gold) is on Thakrias side.