Shame and dishonour

I am sorry Cardodius, that the need for this letter exists. I called you friend and it grieves me to see a player who once had great loyalty and honour reduced to such a pitiful state as yours. You say you were hurt and angered by being thrown out by a hot-headed fellow baron, and I can understand that. But werent you quickly reinstated and indeed given even more honours? If, as you said, and many would understand, that you felt you had a grievance, shouldnt it have been aimed at the baron concerned? And if you felt entitled to compensation, again this would be understandable, though few would condone it, why did you take it ALL? You stole not just from the city that entrusted you with office, not just your fellow barons, but you also stole the savings of the ordinary citizen. The ones who entrusted their bank savings to their chancellor. For that fact alone what you did was unforgiveable. You also stole the trust and the belief of those that called you friend, and one day you are going to wake up to that f

ct and the enormity of your crimes, and on that day will your punishment really begin. I mourn for the loss of my friend but I also feel oh so sorry for you Cardodius, you have thrown so much away. Its a sad relationship w hich has to buy its way in ,but enjoy it while you may, for it is all you have now.

Marie of Kristanisti.