ME, Thakria, Parrian money !!!

Cardodius, The Goblin Minstrelto Everyone

Well people, I guess you are all wondering 'Whats going on' panic panic. Well basically, Anikan thought him rightous to remove me from parrius some week ago. Now this I was not going to stand for, one who was at the very best equal to me, removing me after all i had done. Then came Cardodius the Groveler, be nice here and there, con some mortals namely about 99% of avalon, the odd Imortal, hey Orthwein. I here by take back any such things i said to you all, as was all a plan to get my position back, and to stab Parrius in the back like it did to me. So as chancellor, i withdrew the odd 1173827 gold, namely all of Parrius's gold. And suddenly found myself Removed from parrius by polgara about half a second after i got the cash. Seems polgara had it in for me even before she knew I was doing anything.

Anyway, Now is Born the true Cardodius!!.

With such an act I have shown I am very capable of backstabbing, and Now a member of the incredibly rich City of Thakria, I can show all the evil that lurks withing my soul. Avalon better prepare, as all should know, One of my skills with a Sorceror, will be unstopable. Thus Isildur, wanting me to get policon to become good once more. Im sorry I had to be nasty to a fellow evil person Policon, but now you see why it was all necessary, As ALL had to be conned.

Until the wrath of my sould meets ye................... Cardodius.....

PS, Polgara, ejecting me before i can ruin parrius more hey, looks like you have made yourself a primary target.