I will only make one comment on any altercations between the Barons of Mycenae and Palin, who rightly or wrongly, they have chosen to lay the blame for their less than mighty economy upon.  Palin, you would be quite justified in wreaking a terrible revenge on those other Barons and Mycenaens who questioned your authority and nobody would prevent you. However, you will not be allowed to cause havoc upon, say, new Mycenaens or indeed those uninvolved in the conflict who cannot defend themselves. After all, it would be unfair to those who had nothing to do with your demise. I'll just let you know in advance that a wild killing spree, though it may cause trouble for Mycenae for a few days, would cause more problems for you!  So saying, nobody will stand in your way in any battles with your Mycenaen enemies which ensue.  Remember your roles, everybody.   Gen