Isildur's agoraphobia

Shaitan, the Antichristto Apollo, the god of light

Apollo, this is just a friendly suggestion, but your high priest seems to have developed an acute case of agoraphobia (that's fear of open spaces for the sub-humans out there). I do not think I've seen him leave his high priest room for weeks. Now, one is tempted to conclude that this is a simple case of cowardice, but I would never dare to accuse your high priest of cowardice, seeing as how he is so scary. No, no. instead, I really think you should employ a psychiatrist to cure the poor guy. Again, this is just friendly advice from a humble mortal to one of the Omnipotents (of course, being omnipotent, you undoubtedly realize that the source of his agoraphobia is a fear of being laughed at when stepping out into public.)