Aslan, Lion of Parriusto Everyone

A quick(ish) winge.

It strikes me that anyone with any pride and sense of honour (which believe it or not even evil people have) would not require people more powerful than themselves to avenge their deaths to other people in a fair and reasonably equally matched fight.

In fact I would actually feel guilty if I were to ask, say Anikan, to avenge a life that had been taken from me fairly and squarely.

I think that maybe there a lot of people out there who claim to be evil who dont actually know that evil people do still have human emotions Emotions such as pride and honour. Honour and evilness (sic) are not , as apparently is the belief amongst some, mutually exclusive concepts.

How about some of us growing up a bit and taking a bit of responsiblity for our own existences rather than prostituting themselves for the sake of vengence?

Just a thought