Xeridin the Qabalistto Nostradamus, god of darkness

It seems I have upset you. For that I am sorry. Upsetting a God is not one of my main aims within Avalon, although I already seem to have upset Apollo as well, and after reading the BB I'm sure that all the other ones will be just as annoyed. Yes I deserve to rot... blah. blah . blah and all that, and yes I'm quite sure it will happen. By whom do about it. Maybe when we have talked, you will understand my predicament a little bit more and understand why I have done what I did, and said what I said.

I am sorry to all who I have upset and I'm sure I shall see you all very soon, when you all come to kill me. Yes I'm new and no that's no excuse..... but I plead that you wait until Nostradamus has spoken to me and sealed my fate.

To all who helped I am sorry for unpleasing you.

I am not lookinf for forgivness becuase it is not deserved I am just explaining my situation, and trying to say sorry