Karamisto Marie of Kristanisti

Marie I have never asked for anything in return for healing people of for giving out herbs that i had. Fiorella reminds everyone at every new year to get rid of Plague before all the herbs disappear, and while the Animists are an altruistic guild, I find it incredibly rude to accuse someone of not doing their job... especially when it benefits everyone in all of Avalon. I think everyone knows that Fiorella is constantly adding herbs to the shop, as well as growing new herbs.

It sounds to me as though you would have liked to sell the essence and are resentful that you didn't make a profit out of the new year's herb loss. You are a great business woman, Marie. I can respect that. Don't insult others for the way they carry out their chosen professions. Especially if you would like to see them help \"free of charge... and consider it a privelege. \" If you would like to donate essence... well, that would be another story.

Karamis. E