My Views

Dalamar Spiritmasterto Corum, Wolf of Erebus
  Mycenae is a cohesive society of people watching out for each other and always ready to do each other a favour.  Thebes, false city of  the north, is more of a communal living area full of people who follow their own aims and to hell with the rest of the world.   Myceneans will always triumph in any confrontation with evil because they can co-operate with each other whereas Thebans will be too busy backstabbing each other to check how much money their 'ally' has on him at the time.  Exempt from that remark are those unfortunate citizens of thebes who were duped (and maybe are still being duped) by the Barons and thebans into assuming citizenship, if you want to further the cause of Good, I suggest you inform the Barons of thebes that you wish to come to Mycenae, because here you will always obtain the help you need, when you need it, out of sheer friendship rather than for a certain amount of gold coins.

Dalamar, Spiritmaster.