Your predictable

In an address to my citizens, I told them that one of the first things out of your mouth would be, 'STOP IT OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL!'. Low and behold you said it. Now since you do that anyway I was wondering where the motivating factor is in this equation. Simply put, Parrius is tired of your harassing methods. You do not have the money to carry on this little personal war against Parrius for some wrong Layla did you. For all of you Thakrians who dont know Conan and I have killed around 1000 sorcerers in the last few days, with our losses being minimal compared with yours. I can set up battlements in front of your shop all day, but it ways heavy on my soul as im really the peaceful sort who has been driven to acts of violence by injustice in the world. Im an animist at heart , I cant wait for the days when i can hang my swords over the mantle in my little flat over on vergers parade. (sigh) ..................... but, until that peaceful era comes I guess im gonna have to do my best protect my city.

Shaitan im not gonna get into another I KILL YOUR CITIZEN/YOU KILL MY CITIZEN battle as we both have been warned about them. If you wish our battlements of peace to stop popping up around your city, stop harassing parrians. Anikan