Guild changing

Aslan, Lion of Parriusto Genesis, the god of time


I'm writing to you here, on the public BB, because what I want to talk about concerns us all, (i. e. not just because I like the sound of my own voice! <g>).

I was told today that Avlonians will no longer be able to change their guild. Is this true? I was very disturbed to hear this. In the same way as say, a chartered accountant would be if he were to suddenly to discover that he was unable to set a tropical fish business beacuase his firm wouldnt let him leave (or something).

The point being that people are very ill equiped on joining Avalon to make a decision about their profession, and if after spending say 300 pounds on their time here, they are suddenly told that they are not aloowed to change their profession should they wish to (contrary to what they were led to believe throughout their time in Avalon), they may well be somewhat miffed.

Could this be clarified (and perhaps revised) please?