Ranger Ender, believer of fateto Everyone

Well..... As some of you may know, I killed Shaitan! Cheer! The crowd goes wild! But! Oh yes, there is a But! A big one! A big huge BUT! I now have to be shipped 5 times, and to keep you all up to date with the score, its one to him, and I have 4 rides left!

There is one big plus from this. I get to learn all the text on the ship ride. So if any of you need to know where Andromeda clutches you to. Or what the gods are really doing when you look down apon them, I'm your man

See you on the ship! IT's only xp!

Ender, follower of fate! And player with 620 health, soon to be 470. or maybe 320... ok ok! I'm working on 70!