Parrian Gangs

Prudenceto Everyone

Having read through yesterdays log I am now in a position to finally set the record straight.

Firstly I would like to appologise to Allanon whom I falsely accused of attacking me.

However... I have been proved to be correct in my previous BBs about Anikan, Enth and Aslan all attacking me at the same time. Reading through the log I see Aslan paralysing me, Enth rubbing me & Anikan Bashing me all at the same time. I might add that 10 minutes before hand myself and Anikan were enjoying a real ding dong without either party really getting the upper hand, yet when all 3 of them attacked me it was Anikan who dealt the killing blow upon me.

There can be no denials, as Anikan has protested that it was he alone whom was attacking me.

I have the log if anyone would like me to send it to them.

Prudence for Thakria.