Character wars

Loremaster Rhann of the Dark Orderto Everyone

You should all sort out what is personal and what is city generated when it comes to fighting. Anikan and Kailess seem to have this really mixed up. Killing Thakrians because you are subject to attack from another characterdoes nothing but lead to more bloodshed. Because you can't fight Shaitan and his followers you have taken it upon yourselves ti initiate a character war with Thakria by attacking anyone from this city where as you run like curs when Shaitan shows up. If you want peace you must cease your activities against Thakrians going about thier daily business and confine yourselves to your own infighting. If Thakria had declared a war on your cities and citizens be sure that you would be facing our armies. Its personal between you an another player not against our citizens who have done little to warrent such treatment, but will not forget this kind of cowardice.

Loremaster Rhann Minister of State and Chancellor of Thakria swim e