Muddled truths

Karamisto Shaitan, the Antichrist
Shaitan, I am worried about you. I've been able to cure confusion for a while so please come see me ASAP. In BB #6740 you seem to have gotten a little mixed up. Ive never actually seen you saunter, but I am quite sure you weren't sauntering last night.  At least not around the Animists Shop.   If you were purchasing some of our fine herbs, why did you shout to all of Avalon of your prowess at stealing the herbs? And while I agree that being up for sale at the shop is humiliating for all concerned, not just Thakira's noble empress  I on't  think you have hell to pay to anyone but yourself. If you will recall, by the time I discovthe CCCs up for sale you had already posted about it. 'Fess up, Shaitan.  Don't start blaming others for your evil, I thought you were proud of it? The only thing I am sorry for is that I am too puny to have stopped you from your \"exceptionally evil act. \" Well, and that you used the Animist Shop as a vehicle for it.   My offer to cure you of your confusion stands. Id suggest you take
e up on it before you do something \"PURE! \"   Karamis, no prefix, no suffix.